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Charitable Objects

Relief of poverty

Provide basic necessities of life, food and clothing to individuals and families of low income

Advancement of education

provide leadership training programs

providing publicly available scholarships, bursaries and other forms of financial assistance

awards, provide instructional seminars on topics related to the performing and visual arts to the Indigenous community

Advancement of Indigenous Spirituality or Culture

Indigenous teachings of all First Nations

Establishing and maintaining Indigenous Lodges

Establishing a facility to be used for programs, workshops, music and first nation studies

Advancing public appreciation of Indigenous Arts By providing high quality artistic performances in; public places, school, etc.

By producing public art exhibitions, performances, arts events, provide venue for artists

Provide free performances for audiences who may not be able to attend regular performances

Providing public amenities

Establishing and maintaining an Indigenous arts gallery/facility for the public.

Branches of Native Development (Branches) was established in the late eighties (88), to provide Indigenous artistic cultural and social setting to the Hamilton Indigenous Community and to encourage cross-cultural and enhanced understanding of the Indigenous way of life, to understand our values and connection to Mother Earth - Turtle Island.

On June 21, 2019 it accomplished its first goal and is now incorporated under the Canada Not for Profit Corporations Act.

Our Mission Statement - Providing assistance to the development of Indigenous people, through the knowledge of cultural arts by providing a public gallery, assisting with education in all forms of arts to benefit Indigenous Development. To assist Indigenous People to grow by providing the basic necessities of life. To provide a public place for development and to further the Cultural and spiritual teachings of the Indigenous way of Life to Indigenous People and to the general public. To seek out assistance and maintain partnerships with all levels of government, the community, and other Indigenous agencies, -The Branches of Native Development.  

Branches of Native Development will seek to reduce poverty for Indigenous people, advance the public appreciation of Indigenous arts, promote the advancement of Indigenous culture, promote advancement of Indigenous education and to establish and maintain an Indigenous arts gallery/facility for the public.

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