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Soaring Spirit Pow Wow

The theme title is called “Soaring Spirit” and is meant to encompass the “feeling” that the Hamilton Urban Indigenous Community is going through. We are at a time where we have changing times and transition within the community. It is a time where more and more Indigenous People are taking a stand and a place within the community and addressing issues and concerns that directly affect us. It is with this feeling, that that our community can identify with and begin moving forward in a positive direction.

Friday June 23, 2023

Sunrise Ceremony – Daily

Each day will begin at 7 a.m. with Sunrise Ceremony. 

Water Ceremony 10 am

Programs throughout the day TBA

4 pm ending 9 pm

Auditions for

Indigenous Karaoke Idol Competition 


More details by clicking link

Saturday  June 24, 2023

Speakers and Delegates will be given an opportunity to address the public attendees and Aboriginal community, about the current events and discuss the theme for the event “ ~Soaring Spirit~ ”. Our speakers will speak at the podium on Stage or on the Pow wow grounds. 

10:00 am-Pow Wow Registration Starts located at

B.O.N.D Information

11:30 am - Pow Wow Grand Entry (tentatively )

12:00 am - Opening Ceremony / Introduction

1:00 pm - Pow Wow Continues (Registration closed)

2:30 pm -Dance Performance-Specials

3pm - 4pm Indigenous Fashion Show 

5:00pm -Pow Wow Retreat Retire the Flags

Indigenous Karaoke Idol Final and Winner announced

6:00 pmDinner

Live Music on Stage

Sunday June 25, 2023

9:00 am-Pow Wow Registration Starts located at

B.O.N.D Information

12:00 pm - Pow Wow Grand Entry (tentatively )

12:15 pm - Opening Ceremony / Introduction

1:00 pm  - Pow Wow Continues

2:00 pm - lacrosse demonstrations


6:00 pm-Pow Wow Retreat Retire the Flags

Give away- Aboriginal people have always had a sense of generosity that is unique among all cultures. Since that time, this generosity has developed into the giveaway, a ceremony where a person, family or organization is honored and in return gives away many gifts to their friends and the staff of pow wows.

Community Informational, Native Art & Food Fair

Through out park, This event is open to the whole Indigenous community as well as the public community of Hamilton. It gives organizations a chance to meet potential clients or employees by exhibiting their projects at our fair. It places all organizations underneath one umbrella and gives them the chance to network with like- minded people and meet the greater Hamilton community. This is also a great opportunity for Native artists to showcase and sale of their work, it is also an opportunity for Native Chefs and artisans to bring their traditional foods to different communities. Above all it is a place where Aboriginal people can come and enjoy art they can understand, foods they can enjoy and information that is familiar and benefits their lifestyles.

History of The Soaring Spirit Logo

Catherine Dallaire is the artist that designed our theme Logo 

The first thing I thought of when I heard the words "soaring spirit" was of an eagle, not only because they are champion soars' but also because they are the embodiment of spirit. I wanted to try to convey that image in a way that would echo the inspirational theme of Soaring Spirit. Bringing a circular element into the design made it feel whole and complete. I hope the image succeeds in lifting the spirits of people as much as the theme does. 

Catherine Dallaire - 2014

Soaring Spirit Pow Wow Festival 2022

The Sacred Fire

  The sacred fire is a symbol that burns deep within all us of in the form of our spirit. It blazes brightly and may ebb at times but never goes out. In many of our ceremonies, the sacred fire is used to help in our healing and carries many teachings to help us humans in our personal growth while we walk on Mother Earth.

During ceremonies, whether they be during a wedding, the passing of our relatives into the spirit world or during our vision/fasting times, the fire is kept burning for 4 days & 4 nights. Basically, the number 4 represents the 4 directions, the 4 elements, the 4 seasons, and the 4 medicines that are used in ceremonies.

Before a sacred fire is lit, people are asked to become fire keepers for the duration of the fire, which means making a commitment to take part in taking care of the ceremonial fire. It means that a person accepts the responsibility to be a helper in maintaining the fire for 24 hours per day, for 4 days until whichever ceremony is complete. Usually, people attend to the fire in shifts and may stay as long as 8 hours or more during this time. Food and beverages are brought to the keepers from other volunteers.

The fire is not allowed to go out and is continually fed with the standing nation (wood), who has given their lives to become a part of the ceremony. When the wood is gathered, Tobacco (Sama) is offered to the spirits of the wood, asking permission and giving thanks for being part of the fire.

When the fire is prepared, I place cedar boughs on Mother Earth on which the wood will be positioned along with birch bark, which will be lit in order to ignite the wood. Before, lighting the fire, offering of tobacco, cedar, sweet grass and sage will be offered and placed on the wood. We do this with good thoughts and prayers to request healing for ourselves and those who are not able to participate in this ceremony.


The fire is then lit, generally in the eastern direction, thereby signifying the dawn of new life. From that point on until the ending of the fire, the grandfather (fire) is treated with respect as if it were your own relative. Garbage, cigarette butts are not thrown into the fire and we do not spit into the fire either. As I stated, we treat the fire like our own grandfather and respect it as so.

During the duration of the fire, people may come and visit to make their offering and prayer for themselves and others. Many times, a talking circle is held around the fire, where people share their stories and healing prayers. Pipe ceremonies, drumming is also a part of the ceremony.

A closing ceremony takes place when the 4 days are complete; the fire is allowed to burn itself out. In closing I would like to add that many spirits visit the fire during this time and people receive many good teachings while just being around the fire. As you know, a gift that we receive while being with fire, is a good feeling of peace and harmony, which in turn serves in healing our inner selves, Ahow, Meegwetch and may the Creator take care of you and your loved ones in the Spirit of Healing and families.

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